Shipping & Returns

Amazon is responsible for orders, shipping and the delivery process. Amazon is also responsible for returns. We, unfortunately, have no control over these services.

We are, however, responsible for providing exceptional product quality and customer service from our end!!  


When you look at your order information, you will see your chosen shipping method and delivery timeline. You should have your package delivered between 2-7 days after your online purchase was made.

If you haven't received your package within 7 days, please call Amazon's customer service representative at 1 800 496 1081 for Canada or 1 877 586-3230  for the USA. Be sure you have your order ID number ready.


Please email us anytime should you have any concerns, questions or comments including if there is any further delay or should Amazon be unable to assist you. It is our promise and guarantee that we will take care you until you are 100% happy.