Although Nepal is diverse in her inhabitants, geography, climate and ancient religious traditions, Nepal is also an impoverished country whose lack of economic development is directly related to the lack of access to education. Unable to read or write, many Nepalese are unable to advance themselves beyond jobs of menial labor and subsistence agriculture.


Lack of education is a result of many factors. In general, education is neither valued nor accessible in Nepal. Most are skeptical of the usefulness of education, and even those inclined to pursue it find it difficult, if not impossible to do so.

The majority of Nepalese live in small rural villages in the countryside where village schools rarely offer classes higher than the sixth-grade level. Middle schools and high schools are few and far. Most children who do attend the school drop out before reaching the fifth grade, due to their inability to meet the financial requirements.

The financial straits of most Nepalese force education to take a backseat to the most pressing challenges of day-to-day survival. Instead of attending school, children work or beg. Ignorant to the benefits that education would provide, the parents do not seek for their children. Thus, the cycle of poverty continues.

More recently, political instability and the earthquake has plunged much of the countryside into chaos, resulting in the closure of many schools.  Young people are rebuilding their communities or have left their homes to fight, taking with them their family’s last chance to climb out of poverty.

Over half of Nepal’s population is under 18 years of age and with these young people so ill-prepared to deal with the problems that plague their country, the future of Nepal looks bleak.  Nepalese girls, seldom sent to school, usually marry and bear children early on.


Help us break this cycle.


Our mission is to offer free-trade to underprivileged women who benefit from our sales.  As our sales increase, so does their workload offering purposeful action and financial gain contributing to their livelihood.

At Brio Canada, we donate proceeds to this cause with a bigger picture in the making. With each purchase of our wool dryer balls and purse, it connects you with this beautiful community of women and creates a synergistic bond that furthers their desire to grow their community through purposeful action and love.