Q: Do these wool balls really reduce drying time?

A: Yes, absolutely. The balls lift your laundry allowing heat and air to evenly distribute throughout your load creating a quicker drying time. Depending on the age, model/make of your dryer, load size and heat setting, it is important to use a moisture sensitive setting on your dryer or set drying time less than you normally do. Many happy customers notice drying time has been decreased by 20% - 30% on an average.

Q: How do wool dryer balls remove static cling?

A: Wool dryer balls are a natural 100% chemical free alternative to dryer sheets and other fabric softeners and this is how they work.... Wool dryer balls hold 30% of their weight in water creating humidity in your dryer which eliminates static and relaxes laundry eliminating wrinkles. Static is not present when humidity is present. The humidity removes the charge, the electricity so to speak. As the dryer balls gently fluff your laundry, less friction is created and less friction equates to little or no static.

Q: Do wool dryer balls create static cling?

A:  No. Wool dryer balls do not cause static because static is present in laundry without the help of ANY static eliminating alternative such as fabric softens, dryers sheets or wool dryer balls.  Here's why:  As clothes tumble around and rub against one another in the dryer, they exchange electrons. One piece becomes positively charged while the other comes away with a negative charge. When the dryer stops, all the clothes fall to the bottom of the drum and some of the negatively charged clothes will stick to the positively charged clothes. This is the dreaded static cling.....And it only gets worse with drier environments or in the winter months. Wool dryer balls create humidity and static electricity cannot be created with humidity.  Be sure you follow our instructions to eliminate static on the insert card located in your package.

Q: Do wool dryer ball shed lint onto dark clothing?

A: No. They will not leave white lint or residue on your clothing. Although very rare, should white lint be present on your clothing, put all 6 balls in the wash on a full cycle using hot water.  Once cycle is finished, place them in your dyer on hot heat.  This recharges the balls.

Q: Pet hair reduction?

A: Hair is attracted to static electricity. The wool balls create humidity in the dryer and any type of hair, especially pet hair, will end up in your lint tray.

Q: What are the size of the balls and how many do I use?

A: The wool balls are individually handmade and may slightly vary in size. Our  wool dryer balls are extra large and measure 9 inches in circumference. We recommend using 6 balls for all size laundry loads for best results!

Q: Are there more tips to decrease drying time?

A: Wool dryer balls lift and fluff your laundry where heat and air evenly distributes throughout items in your dryer speeding up drying time. When loads are too heavily overloaded, the balls are unable to do their job lifting and fluffing, thus not decreasing drying time.  The size of the laundry load, model, and make of machine will determine the degree of efficiency. A newer machine will have better efficiency performance overall. But you can reduce drying time by 30 per cent even with an older dryer model.

*use all 6 balls


*do not heavily overload your dryer


*set your dryer on a higher heat setting

Q: What's the story about dryer sheets?

A: Studies have shown the reason why dryer sheets work so well.  Dryer sheets contain positively charged ingredients that are released by heat and movement, such as the tumbling motion of the dryer. These ingredients bond loosely to any negatively charged fabric surface, such as a piece of clothing with static cling, neutralizing the charge and acting as a lubricant.  The downside, although dryer sheets coat your clothes preventing static, the toxic chemicals found in the lubricant may leave a harmful film of chemicals on your clothing/sheets/towels which are aborbed into your skin causing many health concerns. Just Google what's found dryer sheets and you will see why!

Q: Are these wool balls really organic?

A: Yes, they are made with 100% Certified Organic New Zealand wool.  

Our supplier in Nepal has an authentic certificate from their New Zealand wool supplier stating their wool is Certified Organic. Certified organic when it comes to wool from sheep means the Livestock Growers MUST use practices that encourage livestock health and well-being such as sheep have not been exposed to chemical like pesticides and are kept and cared for with humane and good farm conditions. We are very confident that our Livestock Growers have exceptional livestock management practices.


The requirements for producing Certified Organic wool products go even further. The fleece must be cleaned without harsh detergents, acids, petroleum-based oils or other chemical processes. Each wool dryer ball has no fillers, no fragrance, no perfumes, no synthetic material, no chemicals and are not mass produced like cheaper brands.

In organic processing, only biodegradable detergents and degreasers are allowed. Carbonization, or treating wool in acid baths to dissolve plant material, is prohibited by organic standards. 


Our supplier in Nepal conducts exceptional management practices and strictly follow organic standards.  We have seen this first hand as our team has visited the manufacturing complex in Nepal where the wool dryer balls are handmade.


We take pride in both our Nepal Supplier and their New Zealand wool supplier for providing Brio Living such exceptional quality our customers have grown to love and trust. We trust you will see and feel the quality of our product!! It's our guarantee!

Q: Are the wool dryer balls certified fair trade? 

A: Every package of wool dryer balls and handmade sheep coin purse our customers purchase, employs women workers who reside in a remote area of Terai, Nepal. 


Each purchase supports fair trade and promotes the welfare and well-being of these rural women and their children sustaining their community. Upon visiting both factories in Nepal last spring and spending time with these remarkable women, we are very proud to have witnessed Brio Living success and continued success because of our loyal customers creating sales.


A quote from World Fair Trade Organization:


"Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers – especially in the South."


This statement could not be more accurate when it comes to the respect and trading partnership Brio Living offers and receives from our supplier and workers in Nepal.


We are extremely happy to have partnered with our wool dryer balls supplier as they respectfully offer exceptional trading conditions with their workers, who are like family to them... we have seen and experienced it first hand.


Words from our supplier:


"Our Company Mission: Our company concentrates on promoting Nepalese handmade products to encourage and develop the skills and lifestyle of the village people from the remote Terai region & Himalayan parts of the country. We employ many workers from the economic level while offering benefits such as health-care, education, food and clothing to their children and many more. We trust and rely on fair trade which supports social benefits and our selfless focus is less on profits and importantly 100% free from child labor. It is our mission to make a bright future for the woman groups, their children, socially, nationally and internationally."


Again, we are proud of our free trade arrangement with our supplier and our beloved workers in Nepal who provide wonderful products handmade with quality and love our esteemed customers have grown to trust.