Customer Reviews

“AMAZING VALUE! I can not say enough good things about these dryer balls. Unlike dryer sheets, these XL wool dryer balls can be used over and over again. They shorten my loads drying time saving me time and energy while making my fabrics softer and less wrinkled. I can add my essential oils to add some scent to my laundry! Lavender + bed sheets = great nights sleep! As an added bonus they gave me a cute little wool sheep coin purse. So adorable and appreciated. The carrying bag is just the icing on the cake. I do not think I have ever been this excited about a product from Amazon! Seriously, if you are on the fence about this product JUST GET THEM! You will not be sorry.  I will be getting these along with a bottle of Essential Oil for any house warming party I get invited to. This product is that good!”



“Okay, so I was VERY skeptical that this product would work as well as what people had claimed. I CANNOT tell you how thrilled, thrilled, thrilled I was. The true test for me was my towels. I hate the feeling of bath towels that don’t have extra fabric softener so this was the mark this product had to reach. I was amazed at how soft and fluffy my towels were just after one use. Since I do quite a bit of laundry, I figure this will actually save me $120.00 per year in the fabric softener I won’t have to buy any longer. No more nasty chemicals being absorbed through my skin. I am now an advocate (not officially) for this product. It truly works beyond expectations! You won’t be sorry if you buy it…”

“Really like using my new wool dryer balls! They are of good quality, cut drying time, and the best part…no more chemical filled dryer sheets! Laundry is soft and fluffy with dryer balls! I add a couple of drops of Essential Oils to the balls for a natural and healthy fresh scented laundry! Fast shipping! Cute Packaging! Highly recommend!”

I use these dryer balls EVERY DAY. They have made such a difference in the dry time and the softness of my clothes. It has helped my towels and blankets stay fresh smelling much longer than they would without that extra infusion of lavender oil. I use the little sheep coin purse as a sort of traveling first aid kit, as it is very good size and high quality. The price of these is amazing as well, since I have seen good wool dryer balls for 10 dollars a piece! This set is truly a joy to use, and I would recommend it to anyone looking into wool dryer balls.



“I’ve always been intrigued with dryer balls as I do not use dryer sheets or softener. I wanted something healthy for the family, and keeping my laundry light and fluffy. I have found that item. I can add my essential oils if I want scent, but it shortens the dry time and makes my towels fluffier than before. I recommend these to anyone and would recommend it even as a gift. My daughter loved the handmade coin purse which was a nice touch. I LOVE that it that it supports small business.”


“Used them! Fell in love with them! Can’t live without them! Not the end of the story; just the beginning of “happily ever after.” Laundry soft without static. No artificial scents, no itching, no scratching, no wrinkles, lumps nor bumps. Surprisingly short drying time. Great little purse! My perfect match!”

“I don’t know how but these shorten drying time by ~40%, this alone makes them worth the price. They are of good quality and highly effective right out of the package.  We’ve already ordered more for the family along with some assorted essential oils for a fresh scent.”


“My brother and I both use these dryer balls. My brother has 7 dogs and they all shed. All there bedding goes in the dryer with these and its amazing how all the hair comes off without fabric softener. No more fabric softener or dryer sheets for any laundry including the dog stuff!”

“A healthy friend told me about the potential dangers of using dryer sheets regularly. They can disrupt the hormone levels in your body and some speculate they can even lead to disease occurring. I figured if there is even a slim chance of this being true, I wanted to do whatever I could to keep my family healthy. Plus my kids have lots of allergies and sensitivities so I want to protect them and their super delicate skin.

I ordered these and they arrived nicely packaged. I immediately opened them up and I was impressed. They look like soft, white little tennis balls. You receive 6. You also received a nice carrying case, topped with a drawstring and a super cute handmade sheep coin purse!!!!”

“I immediately put it to use. I had a load of laundry waiting to be dryed, so I followed the instructions and put a few drops of a wild orange essential oil on 3 of the balls. Per the instructions I let it sit for a few minutes before I tossed them in. I set the timer for less than I normally would as these balls actually speed up the drying time. I was not disappointed. They work like a charm – they fluff the clothes, reduce drying time and lend a nice scent to the items too. Give them a try – they are simply fantastic!!!”



“I heard of these wool balls for the dryer instead of dryer sheets. They are great! My clothes come out of the dryer soft with less static & no chemicals on my skin. Ten minutes less time per load. Big size & solid wool. Nice carry bags & I really like the little sheep coin purse. Mostly I like that the people who make them are providing environmentally safe products & bettering themselves in the process.”



“They are top quality and are working just as described. I have cut down on drying time and replaced fabric sheets. I place a couple drops of lavender essential oil onto each one and my laundry has a nice fresh scent without static. The little sheep change purse is very well made and a fun extra.”



“I received the Brio Living wool dryer balls about a month ago and I absolutely love them! They have helped cut the drying time down considerably. I would highly recommend them as I have chosen not to use synthetic dryer sheets for health reasons. With my order, I received a bonus little sheep purse made in the remote Himalayan region of Terai. I appreciate that I am helping underprivileged women in this community who have lovingly made these dryer balls and the sheep purse.”



“These wool drying balls are absolutely lovely. They are big and lovely and I love the fact that they are made of 100% wool and no chemicals are added. These wool balls also works wonderfully in cutting the drying time by about 40%, and also my clothes and especially my towels come out soft and fluffy. I also love the fact that these will last me a long time, comparing to keep buying drying sheets and fabric softer (which I never buy anyway). Not to mention the little lamb coin purse is adorable. Overall a lovely product.”



“I couldn’t be more happy with this product! What a great find! The laundry smells great now: the down pillows have been fluffed with lavender, and the sheets and towels smell heavenly. It has shortened drying time. The bumping sound is gentle as the balls tumble. The bag is a great help and the extra bonus little coin purse is really cute! I was so impressed I bought a second bag as a gift. Thank you!”



“These wool dryer balls are great! I have seen a significant decrease in drying time, and my clothes are so soft even if I don’t use fabric softener. I have not had any issues with static either! I love that you are able to use them with essential oils to make your laundry smell fresh! Would definitely purchase again!”


“I have been using the dryer balls since I received them and love them!!  The instruction sheet and helpful tips where perfect!

Also, the added coin purse made by the people making the dryer balls was a nice touch.  

I am very happy with your product, the package and the personal touches, the follow up e-mail.  I have told many people about your product!   So happy to be rid of the dryer sheets!! Keep doing what you are doing…you got it right!

Thank you so much. p.s….my dogs are not too happy that they can’t play with“



“I had 2 dryer balls for quite some time from a competitor.  I was quite happy with them because they saved me buying fabric softener or sheets. I gave my daughter my 2 old plastic balls but they sounded like rocks in her dryer. It was time to buy more balls, but I had originally purchased them at a local craft market. Thank goodness for Amazon!! I purchased these balls and added 4 to my existing 2. I left 2 for my daughter as she has a apt sized dryer. BOY WHAT A DIFFERENCE in drying time. Super fast. My washer can’t keep up. Usually I am waiting in the dryer to finish so I can start another load. Not now. Dryer is done and folded and waiting for washer to finish. Thanks!! Saves money and time! …and they are pretty quiet too!”



“These dryer balls are well made and work very well. I’m especially impressed by the makers of this product; It’s uncommon to find people who care so much about the quality of their product, the satisfaction of the customers and the welfare of the actual workers who make it. Well done!”


“Brio are doing exactly what I wanted for the laundry. Dry times are shorter. Clothing is less wrinkled even after sitting in the dryer a little longer than planned. Also, we don’t get that damp-laundry-sat-too-long funky smell. Wish I’d had these when using cloth diapers. I also love that I can put essential oils on them to add fragrance. This feels earth friendly and actually saves me time. I also loved that the purchase supported women in a third world setting. And a bonus, my three year old thinks the sheep purse is adorable and immediately snuggled it. This is one if the best purchases I’ve made. The price here saved me at least $10 from what I saw at a natural products store.”


“I am very happy with these Wool Dryer Balls. I could finally retire those commercial dryer sheets. They are large and solid, excellent quality! By using all 6 balls did help cut down the drying time.I don’t know if is it a coincidence, my son has been suffering childhood psoriasis for 4 years, condition got better and less flare up later. I really hope it is because of the switch to these Organic Wool dryer balls.  These Wool dryer balls were made by hand by Nepalese women. I am glad that by purchasing these balls could help other people from far away.”



“I love these oversized wool dryer balls. I am using these with our Young Living essential oils to replace both my dryer sheets and the loud plastic balls that we used to use. The bag they came in was both cute and heavy duty. The sheep purse was very cute and was given to a young farm girl we know as a gift. Before I could even do my first dryer load I was teaching with these at an essential oils class and giving them away with oil samples as prizes. I can’t wait to keep sharing the word about your brand and the important cause you support with the women in Nepal. Thanks Brio Living!”



Best product ever. I have already turned my friends and family onto them. No harsh chemicals, decreases drying time (and electricity bill), drop some essential oils on them and pop them in the dryer with your clothes, blankets, towels, whatever! They will come out with no static and smelling of heaven. Thank you!”

I especially loved the cute little coin purse. p.s. Dryer sheets are terrible you guys. Switch to wool dryer balls for no chemicals!"


“I am allergic to most perfumes and to chemicals in some products. I always prefer to use natural products and I came across these and thought I’d try them. I LOVE THEM, they are great. I use all 6 and just leave them in my dryer. Yes, they do cut drying time. Yes, there is little to no static when the clothes come out. Yes, they even fluff up better then those dryer sheets.
Everyone is going to have their different experiences but I have not had a problem in the week I have been using them. I love the fact that they really do cut drying time but I don’t have to blow my nose anymore emptying out the dryer. I have been telling all my friends to get these, especially those with children or grandchildren. Much safer then using chemical or perfumed products.”



“This is truly an amazing product! There is no need for dryer sheets/fabric softener and the terrible chemicals associated with them. You can’t lose with these dryer balls – you saving money, (dryer sheets and your electric bill), and doing something healthy and green for your family. Thank you Brio!!”


“Love this product. I’ve used the plastic balls for a few years and found they needed to be replaced frequently, did nothing to reduce static, and I never really thought they were speeding up drying time. These wool dryer balls are working way better – faster drying time and I don’t have anywhere near the static I did before. I like that you can choose to add essential oils or go without. I also like the story behind them – supporting women entrepreneurs working to support their families and communities.”

“We have a newer dryer that dries bedding by wadding it into a ball and leaving it damp even after extended drying time. I tossed the dryer balls in with a load, and the bedding came our fluffy, smelling nice, and dry in half the time!”



“Got the dryer balls a few days ago, and finally got around to opening them yesterday. Put them directly into the dryer. I am very pleased. The quality seems very good…the little sheep coin purse is absolutely adorable. Thanks for a great product that will cut down our use of chemicals. The part I like most is that I have provided jobs for underprivileged women! That is a win-win!”

“I absolutely love my wool dryer balls! I am also very pleased with the company. They have sent me an email about the product, sent a follow up e-mail to make sure I am satisfied with my purchase, and will check in a few weeks to make sure it is still working great. That is great customer service! My package came with a cute bag to hold all 6 dryer balls, and a little sheep zipper pouch. In regards to the product itself I definitely notice a decrease in drying time since using wool dryer balls. A great example is I have an alternative down queen size comforter, before I had this product I would but the comforter in the dryer for 80 minutes and I would pull it out of the dryer and the whole center was still wet. I would have to rotate the comforter and put it in for about another 50 minutes to just dry this comforter. I just washed this comforter and It was dried in 60 minutes with the wool dryer balls. My husband and I are very pleased with this product! We are expecting a baby shortly and We will be doing cloth diapers. We are excited to see how quickly those dry. As some parents have noted that their cloth diapers take forever to dry. Overall it’s a must buy product! It works great and you wouldn’t be disappointed!”