What’s in Fabric Softener / Dryer Sheets?

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Many articles in our media today say the only thing we know for sure, is environmental toxins like pesticides, herbicides, pollutants, chemicals, heavy metals contribute to dementia. Hopefully that is all the motivation you will... Read more

Women of Nepal

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     Although Nepal is diverse in her inhabitants, geography, climate and ancient religious traditions, Nepal is also an impoverished country whose lack of economic development is directly related to the lack of access... Read more

Great Reads

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Mental health anxiety affects thousands of people in the world and it can be effectively treated with the right therapy. These books are aimed at those for whom mental health anxiety has become a serious... Read more

The Secret To A Better Cup Of Coffee

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The Secret to a Better Cup of Coffee   Why does coffee brewed from a French Press taste so amazingly different?  Unlike other brew methods, the Brio Living French Press gives you absolute control... Read more

Health Benefits Of Using A French Press

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Health Benefits of Using a French Press For a long time now, coffee enthusiasts have praised the health benefits of the popular drink and French Press coffee increases the advantages. The French Press... Read more

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